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GPS tracker

Mini GPS tracker. Multiuse

Mini tracker, designed and adapted for dogs and cats, but can be used as a safety device in a suitcase while traveling, in a bag with valuables on the beach, tracking all types of vehicles with more due to ingenious solutions for warning.
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Track your pet or selected object/vehicle via PC or mobile phone. Downloadable app for both Android and iOS.

Adjustable leash in optional color included for use on dog/cat.

Built-in battery lasting 300 hours. Can be used as constant monitoring of car, motorcycle, boat etc. via our adapter for 12V / 24V.

The only GPS you need. Fits any mission you may have for it. Works as a GPS tracker for animals, objects and vehicles and as a spy tracker for those who need that.

The Geofence feature lets alarm sound if your pet moves beyond the limit you set up.

Speed ​​Alarm: When the speed exceeds the preset speed, an alarm notification is sent.

Vibration Sensor Motion Alarm: If the device or product in which it is placed is moved, it senses vibration and notify you.

SOS alarm - Security alarm function: Press a button on the unit and it notifies the desired telephone number.

Microphone VOICE: The device has a built-in microphone, which you can listen to and talk to by dialing the device.

You can view maps at any time where the device is located.

Battery status: You can see the battery status and receive low power notification

Sleep: You can put the device into sleep mode

Micro sim: Buy prepaid cards and use this sim card in the GPS unit.

Accuracy: 5 meters

Waterproof: IP67

GPRS Mode: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz

1 piece. Tkstar TK909 GPS-GSM-GPRS Tracker
1 piece. Adjustable Band
1 piece. USB charging cable
1 piece. Manual







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