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Powerful ozone generator

Powerful ozone generator

Our powerful ozone generator produces ozone and is made to provide an efficient and safe treatment of odors and microorganisms without the use of chemicals.
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Powerful ozone generator.

Ozone must be produced on site as ozone is rapidly degraded. Ozone is like the clean, fresh air you feel after a thunderstorm. Ozone generator produces ozone gas, which breaks down and gives you this fresh air permanently. Odor removed by ozone does not return.

Although ozone is very powerful, it has a short lifespan. When pollutants such as odors, bacteria or viruses come into contact with ozone, they are completely degraded by oxidation. Thus, the extra atom of oxygen is consumed, and there is nothing left - no odor - no bacteria, only oxygen. Ozone returns to oxygen after it is used.

In addition to removing the odor, our powerful ozone generator disinfects air and surfaces, thus killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and most parasites.

Our powerful ozone generator is perfect for odor removal. Removes odor from for example:
Diesel, paint, glue, varnish, chemicals, tobacco, other smoke odors such as odor after fire, mold, insects, mites, waste, vomit, urine, milk, fish and animal odor, basement odor and more .

Suitable for both houses, caravan, car, dormitory, boat, offices, motorhome, apartment, bathroom, attic, garage, storage rooms, basement and more. It is great for cleaning clothes, carpets, beds, textiles, furniture and car seats. Ozone can be used anywhere.

Perfect machine for caretakers, cleaning agencies, car dealerships, car repair companies and for private use.

By using the ozonation process every month, you can feel a significant improvement in your body:
Better breathing
Better concentration
Provides good sleep
Reduced risk of disease
Gets more energy and good mood
Recommended for allergy sufferers and
Better air helps asthma
Extends the freshness of fruits and vegetables

All use of the Ozone Generator in a car or room must take place without the presence of humans or animals. The generator must be switched off at least 30 minutes before entering the room (except to switch off the appliance if you have not used the timer setting), and at the same time make sure it is well ventilated. Let the ozone deplete before you spend time there. If the room is very overexposed by ozone, it may be necessary to wait at least 60 minutes. Never inhale air directly from the ozone generator or by ozone emission pipes.

Air volume: 50m³ / h
Power (W): 100W
Voltage (V): 110V or 220V
Capacity (CFM): 48 g/h - 48000 mg/h - 60 g/h - 60000mg/h
Working area: Up to 40 square meters/Up to 60 square meters
Installation: Portable
Formaldehyde removal: 99.00%
Type: Ozone generator
Benzene removal: 98.00%
Noise: ≤30dB
Anion density: 1000000 pcs / m³

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