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Teeth whitening kit

A professional set with the same active ingredient as our popular 3D whitestrips. This version has 8 percent more of the active substance. 25 treatments.
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Here is a short explanation of why this is better than Crest 3D white professional strips:
Crest 3D whitening professional uses hydrogen peroxide at the strength of 6,5 percent. Our product contains 44% carbamide peroxide, which again turns in to be 14,5% hydrogen peroxide.

Carbamide peroxide is the safest gel to use for home teeth whitening, and great results will be achieved. Most home whitening kits and pens contain 22% to 44% carbamide peroxide gel with 36% being the standard. People with extremely sensitive teeth and gums should opt for 22% and people with less sensitivity can go up to 44%.

The key to using carbamide peroxide gel for teeth whitening is consecutive applications of the whitening gel with no more than 24 hours between treatments. Continue the consecutive applications until the desired results are achieved and for a maximum of 14 treatments or two weeks of daily treatments. A complete whitening treatment with multiple applications such as this can be performed at home up to once every three months. However, a single 30-60 minute application can be performed monthly for maintenance purposes.

If you use product with hydrogen peroxide you must wait minimum one year between treatments.

Are you having trouble with sensitive teehts? Try our white strips instead. Superb results either way.

This kit has enough gel for a full 25 treatments. Each syringe has 3 mg of gel. For each treatment 0.3 mg of gel is used on each mouth tray. To use more than this is just wasteful and will not increase the effect.

The product is CE certified.

10 * 3 ml tooth whitening gel.
2 * Mouth tray
1 * blue led light
1 * user manual
1 * tooth color guide

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