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For her

Teeth whitening kit

A professional set with the same active ingredient as our popular 3D whitestrips. This version has 8 percent more of...

Sales price: 28,95 €

Anti snore band

Innovative bracelet that reduces snoring using a natural biofeedback process. Helps you sleep better and wake up rested...

Sales price: 12,95 €

Anti snore

Anti snoring. Also cleans the air you breathe.

Sales price: 11,95 €
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Ear pick set

Ear pick set

Sales price: 14,95 €

Duoya fashion

Fashion watch from Duoya

Sales price: 8,95 €
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IPhone jewelry mirror case

IPhone jewelry and mirror cover.

Sales price: 9,95 €
Your phone:
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Heart of the ocean

Heart of the ocean jewelry. Diameter 4 cm and 50 cm long, shiny chain.

Sales price: 8,95 €

Teeth whitening strips

Finally a teeth whitening kit that works. You will see the difference already after 3 days of use. You will receive 14...

Sales price: 19,95 €

Hair dying shampoo

Hair color shampoo for shiny and beautiful hair. Counters gray hair. 500 ml.

Sales price: 39,95 €
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Black mask

Black deep-cleansing peel-off mask. Removes impurities and refreshes tired skin.

Sales price: 4,95 €

Puffy lips

Dreaming of moist, puffy lips? Here is the solution.

Sales price: 4,95 €

500 fake nails

500 pieces french ballerina fake nails.

Sales price: 11,95 €

Fake eyelashes

10 pair fake eyelashes.

Sales price: 6,95 €

Fake lashes glue

Glue for fake eyelashes.

Sales price: 1,95 €

Hair color wax

Hair wax with color.

Sales price: 11,95 €
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Youth LED mask

Jessica Albas secret LED mask. Medically recognized therapy mask with Skin Boosting Technology which penetrates deeper...

Sales price: 59,95 €
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